Recreational Gymnastics - Gym for all

Ages 4½-15 yrs

Children start learning basic gymnastics skills across the different disciplines. They are encouraged and challenged to achieve new skills. Within a fun environment they will develop co-ordination, flexibility, strength, and confidence. As they develop, they move up onto more specific training programmes.

They will work on skills and conditioning through our Band programme. Each level works on the same/similar skills and points are awarded based on the execution of each exercise. However, in saying this a few more challenging skills are added as they moved up. Children can then be grouped based on their level being beginner, intermediate or advanced. (Green,blue, and red)


These classes will give your child a lot of fun and challenges. They will develop their strength and flexibility as well as helping them in their fitness and co-ordination levels.


The children in this age group work toward getting higher levels of both programmes. They will spend more time developing and perfecting their skills and learning new ones. Skills are based around the recreational competition routines and children at this level have the option to join fun gymnastics festival competitions. They have a chance to perform their routines in front of an audience with all participants receive certificates, ribbons and medals based on the scores they achieve.

During our band testing at the end of the term students results will be assessed and coaches will be able to invite those who meet the criteria to join our Junior squad.


Even if you haven’t started Gymnastics before you are 8yrs old you can still join as a beginner until you are 11yrs old. This is a great sport that develops all your Fundamental Movement skills. We have both beginner and intermediate recreational Gymnastics classes. Like our 5-7yr groups there is an opportunity to also attend Gymnastics festivals to show the routines you have learnt and the skills developed.

During our band testing at the end of the term students results will be assessed and coaches will be able to invite those who meet the criteria to join our Senior squad.


Do you love jumping doing flips on the trampoline or handstands and cartwheels around your garden then we have a class for you. If you have done a little or a lot of Gymnastics but don’t want to do squads or competitive Gymnastics there is still a huge amount you can enjoy and learn in the Gymnastics gym. Develop your strength, coordination flexibility and skills that can be applied to many different sports.

Band programme

All our Gymnastics classes from school age  will work on skills that they have in their recreational routines. Children in Recreational gymnastics can participate in Recreational competitions or Gym Festivals as long as they can execute their routines. These competitions are not compulsory.

Along side this work they also work on the band programme which consist in a group of skills and conditioning separate in three colors, green -blue - red. These ones represent beginners, intermediate and advanced levels and within each color there are 3 different stages. 

1 star  - 1st stage

2 stars -  2nd stage

3 stars - 3rd stage 


Each gymnast within each colour / level will be awarded with points during the testing. Based on the number of points they will achieve 1, 2, or 3 stars and be able to move up to a different color /level.

A gymnast that shows good level of skills , conditioning and positive attitude will be invited to move to Competitive Gymnastics.  Groups in this are are more challenging on both, Skills and conditioning, and a minimum of 2 sessions per week is required. Please click here to see our Competitive Gymnastics 

Below there is flow chart to see the different paths we have available  for your child.

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