Playgym - Preschool

Preschool Gym 2-4 yrs

These are child and caregiver classes. Spend quality time together having fun and exploring in a safe and challenging environment. All programmes are based on the fundamental movement patterns (Locomotion, swing, spring, landings, statics, rotation and manipulative skills). These help your child develop control and coordination.


Classes run for 45 minutes and stations are set up to work on the basic skills.


Gives children the opportunity to explore their physical potential at an early age. The focus is on developing basic motor skills and co-ordination, as well as interaction with caregivers and other children.


Expanding on a child's physical development. Children participate in a range of exercises supported by their caregiver. It allows children to explore the fundamental building blocks of movement, balance and co-ordination in a fun, safe, environment.

4 plus

We start adding more structure and now care givers assistance is not required.  This is the previous class before they move to our REC- Gymnastics.

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