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23 Apr

Free-Play Mid-Week – Home school

Gym Kids is delighted to announce that we have been able to secure Tu Manawa funding for 12 months through Sports Waitakere to help deliver the Free-Play Mid-week sessions for Home Schooled children. This funding allows us to deliver the sessions for $5/child, our regular price is $17/child.

Free-Play is our casual Non-Structured Gymnastics sessions. These are child lead sessions where the children can choose what they want to do within our Gymnastics environment. The session is supervised by a Gymnastics instructor who maintains safety guidelines and offers suggestions and guidance to participants based on their interest.

By working with the children over time we can gain their trust which allows us to help to expand their skills. Rather than a coach lead structure we encourage the children to bring their ideas of what they want to try. We then use this opportunity to discuss what things we need to make the activity safe, what mats or equipment we can use and how these should be placed.

Sessions times

 Monday, Wednesday and Friday – During the school term.

Term 2, May 3rd – July 9th

10.30 – 11.30am and 11.30am -12.30pm

Caregivers are welcome to assist their child in the Gym. Every child is unique and will take their own time to settle into the environment. We suggest that you take your time with this process so that you and your child can have a positive and happy experience with us. Please talk with our coaches about how your child learns, so that we can work with them in the best possible way.

 If your child is under 5yrs we do require a caregiver to remain in the Gym with them.

We will have our upstairs space available for you to use between 10am and 1pm. If you want to bring along an activity to do with your child, have a chat to other families or a snack after your session you are welcome. We just ask that caregivers do supervise children in the space.


Bookings are essential. Once you have created an account on your 1st booking it is a quick process to book in each time you want to attend. We need to limit the session size and keep a track of who is attending each session. Your personal information is confidential, but we do need to report on the total numbers and where people have come from to meet the funding requirements. We don’t require your full address for bookings please just add your post code.

To make booking simple we have created a new product code called FREE-PLAY MIDWEEK. You will just need to select the session you want to attend and the number of children you are bringing. The cost is $5/child.

Feed back

Your feedback is essential in making this programme work. We have created a survey to fill out before the sessions start. We would also love to hear from the kids as well, there will be a simple form for them to fill out to give us their thoughts on what they want from the programme.


Have fun!

From the Gym Kids Team

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