18 Aug


As per the government anouncment tonight Gym Kids will be closed for the next 7 days while we are in Level 4. We will do our best to keep you posted with updates. We will all need to be paitent and allow the situation to unfold before we are able to confirm credit options for missed classes. As per the previous lockdowns our Gym Kids team will work hard to get back up and running as quicky as possible once we move to level 2.


This can be an unsettling time for everyone children included. Excercise and be a great way for young and old to manage their stress. Have some fun together by giving some of our works a go together. Our Youtube channel GymZone GymKids that we developed over previous lockdowns is being updated. We will have new content for you shortly.


Be kind and stay safe everyone!


All the best from the Gym Kids team.

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