Term 1 Omicron update

17 Feb

Thank you for your booking this term we are so delighted to see so many of our students returning to Gym. We would also like to welcome all our new members who have joined Gym Kids. It is great to see you all and we are especially aware that for some this is the 1st time they have experienced a class environment.

We have all been warned over the past month or so that Omicron was on its way. With it now in the community we will all feel the effects at some stage over the coming months. It has been well publicised that we need to prepare so that we can look after each other and get through this next stage.

I appreciate that you might be very “over” hearing new sets of rules, but it is important that we go over some basics to keep us all safe and operating. We do consider that it is essential that we keep open, so we can continue our role in the long-term health and well-being of children.

If your child tests positive or is required to isolate, please let us know ASAP.

What will happen with my fees if classes are cancelled?

If the gym must close or cancel classes due to an exposure to the virus then credits will be added to your account and automatically apply to your next booking. This is the same policy we have applied for all the lockdowns that have been experienced over the past 2 years.


Refunds will not be available as per our terms and conditions.

If your child is required to isolate, please let us know, we won’t be able to offer credits in this case, but we do have online resources available so that they can still practice at home. When you login to your account you will see the resource tab, click on this and the videos that our coaches have prepared for your age group are there. Parents you might need to assist your child to follow along with the workout.


What happens at Gym Kids when there is a positive COVID19 test result?

  1. Our admin team will quickly figure out who are the close contacts (using the MOH criteria and our attendance list)
  2. Our admin team will call or text a parent of each close contact.
  3. The child will need to be tested ASAP and then stay home to isolate. Under “Red - Phase 2” Close Contacts need to isolate for seven days (with another test on day 5).
  4. Once all the close contacts are informed, an email will be sent out to them, so they have the information in writing. An email will also be sent to all families who were onsite on the same day (but not at the same time) informing them that we have a positive case.
  5. Only those who are considered a close contact have to test / isolate, not their family members (although I would suggest the sensible thing would be to test all family members just in case).
  6. An email will then be sent to all registered students families informing them that we have a COVID case, but that gym remains open to everyone that is not a close contact. We will not be informing the wider community who the child is or what class they are from.


Gymnastics NZ guidance

We work closely with Gymnastics NZ for the latest information about how to operate under each setting we find ourselves at. They are guided directly by Sport NZ. In the latest update they have directed us to the following MOH information about casual and close contacts.


We will be working through each scenario as it happens and communicating with you all about next steps.


Current safeguards in the gym:



  • Staff are all vaccinated.
  • Staff are all wearing masks. Please be aware this does make their job harder as it is not only hot, but is hard to project their voice to get instructions across. Please be patient.
  • Coaches have been advised to take a ‘hands off’ approach to Gymnast, using instruction where is safe to do so. They will spot a child to prevent injury.



All Adults entering our Facilities will need scan your QR code.


If you are 12+ and staying onsite we do need to scan your vaccine pass. Once this is confirmed in the system, we don’t need to check it again. Please be kind to our team if they have asked to see it, they are just doing their job. Please help make this easier by adding all caregivers to your child’s profile that might be dropping of or picking up.


  • Daily cleaning of the public spaces and facilities.
  • Daily disinfecting of high use equipment inside the gymnasiums at the end of each day.
  • Hand washing/sanitizing before and after class will be continued.
  • Only 1 parent per pre-schooler to stay in the facility with their child while they are attending class. Siblings and other parents will need to wait in the café or upstairs please. Siblings are not allowed on equipment in the gym while waiting for a class.
  • We understand the 4-5yrs are at a transition stage and might need a caregiver onsite to settle in.
  • All parents of over 5yr olds are requested to drop off and pick up only. We appreciate that this might not be practical in some cases. We have space upstairs or in the café, please maintain social distancing and wear your mask.



  • 8 years old and over should wear their masks before and after class. Children are not required to wear masks while participating in the class.
  • Hand washing/sanitizing before and after class will be continued.
  • All Children need to be registered online for a class or trial, their names will be checked off the attendance role by the coaches.
  • Please bring a full drink bottle to the gym.
  • Please do not attend classes or enter the facility if you feel unwell or are showing any cold or flu symptoms. Please let us know if this is the case.

Stay safe

From the Gym Kids Team

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