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6 Nov

Online Skills Sessions

This lockdown has run a lot longer than any of us would have expected. To change things up a little and hopefully give parents an afternoon break we will be offering some skills based online classes. 

We are inviting all of our members to attend any of the skills session that they are interested in learning more about.

These classes will FREE and happen each day from 4.15-5.00pm. Open to any age group or gender.

Links to the classes are on our website

Outdoor Gymnastics

Gym Kids is delighted to announce that we will be running some outdoors gymnastics from Saturday 13th November at Gym Zone Hobsonville. The weather is now improving to help make this a viable option.

Covid lockdown has forced us all to look at life differently! We applaud all the efforts of our commuity to keep active and engaged.

We have been working hard in the background to find a way that we can reopen some outdoor classes. There are many elements involved and we have consulted Gymnastics NZ and other Gym clubs in Auckland to formulate our plans. We wanted to make sure that we could proceed safely.

A copy of the Covid framework we have used for our decision-making process is on our website.

The main area where our viewpoint differs from the official advise is around the sharing of equipment. Since public playgrounds are now open with no sanitizing or QR codes available at most. We believe that we can offer a much safer option by using the following procedures:

  • All participants will need to be current members and book in through our system.
  • All coaches are fully vaccinated and will wear masks.
  • Sessions are spaced by 15min so that there is no cross over between classes.
  • Equipment will be sanitized between classes.
  • All participants to sanitize hands before and after classes.
  • QR code scanning available for parents when dropping off. Parents not to stay
  • Class structure is designed to not require spotting by the coaches.
  • Students to wear masks before and after class.
  • Class size limited to 10 so that we can maintain social distancing.
  • Staff and students not to attend class if they are unwell. 

Fees For Outdoor Classes

Classes will be $15. Please note that you can use your credits when booking. Your credits are still valid for 6 months form the time we are able to reopen the gym, these classes starting will not affect that. If these classes need to be cancelled for any reason we will credit the fees back to your Gym Kids account.

We will be happy to expand to more days and times once we get up and running.

Click Here To Book For Oudoor Gymnastics

We hope to see you online or in person very soon.


Take care, stay safe

From the Gym Kids Team.

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