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27 Aug

Important - Preparation before class

Please note that Ponsonby won't open in the 1st week back. We will keep you posted.

We are so excited to be opening our doors again and really looking forward to seeing all the wonderful smiling faces of all our Gym Kids. Coming to the gym will be a little different so please find following a step by step guide of what to expect:

Before coming to the Gym you will need to do a few things:

1)     Be dressed in your gym gear, changing rooms won’t be available during level 2. Have a warm top over your Gym gear and shoes.

2)   Have a bag to put your gear in and your drink bottle. No other gear to be brought to the gym.

3)     Please help us to maintain the rules of group size and social distancing by not arriving too early for your childs class or waiting at the gym during their class. We are happy to work with you to help children to settle into this new normal.

4)     Parents of children under 8yrs old who will need to come into the gym (or anyone who would like to come in to purchase food or coffee) will need to have registered with GOVT contact tracing APP.

5) The wearing of masks is not compulsory but is suggested. Our reception and coaching staff will be wearing masks.

6) Equipment is sanitised between groups and children will hand sanitizer before class and when they move to a new piece apparatus. The gym and café will have a deep clean every evening and spot cleaning throughout the day as required.

7) Group sizes are limited to 10 including the coach (and caregivers for preschool). Where bookings are larger we will be assigning an extra coach so that we can split the group and keep to this limit.


Welcome back to Gym Zone - Hobsonville

Arriving at the Gym:

2-4 years - Caregivers have full access to the facility due to the age of children, must practise social distance (2m). Enter through the cafe. Mid week you exit through café, Saturday please exit through the gym roller door. We will be splitting the class in groups of more than 10(including caregivers and coaches)

5-7 years - Caregivers to drop off inside the facility then leave as quickly as is reasonable for the duration of class. Enter through the cafe, deliver your child to the designated meeting point for their class and leave through door at the bottom of the stairs. Pick up from the gym roller door. Please be on time.

8+ years - Caregivers to drop off. Pick up from the gym roller door .

  • Enter through the café Parents who need to come onsite please register via the GOVT tracer APP before entering. Hand sanitizer will be available at reception. Child attendance will be recorded from the roll by the coach at the beginning of class.
  • Caregivers of 2-7yrs please check that your child has been to the bathroom and wash your hands thoroughly.
  • Caregivers of 2-4yrs will be advised of your designated table by the reception staff. We will have signs on the table so you know where they need to sit.
  • Caregivers of 5-7yrs once you have dropped your child off please leave the centre through the door at the bottom of the stairs. Our reception team will take your child to their designated waiting space. Please don’t exit through the café doors. We are happy to help you if your child is a little worried or anxious, we will apply a common sense approach to helping to settle children into this new normal. If you don’t need to stay please help us keep to the rules and return at the end of class to collect your child.
  • 8yrs and above to go upstairs and wait for their coach at their table.
  • Coaches will collect groups from upstairs and direct them to their gear area. Warm top and shoes to be put in your bag and into the cubby holes.
  • Coach will take their group to the designated space in the gym. They will take the attendance and do the run over the new rules.
  • We have Gym Kids static warm up that the whole club will learn. This will help to maintain social distancing. There are different levels of the same basic movements.
  • We have designated rotations in the Gym to keep groups separate.
  • The floor has been marked with red tape to maintain the 1m gap when we are doing exercises or lining up for an apparatus.
  • We need to wipe down the equipment when we have finished our turn on that station. The coach will be taking the “Bubble bucket” with them as their group moves around the gym which has disinfectant spray, hand sanitizer, gloves, wipes and a cloth in it.
  • We will need to use hand sanitizer before using equipment.
  • The Foam pit will be covered by mats NO JUMPING INTO THE FOAM. Only landing or walking on mats is allowed.
  • We must keep 1m gap between each other during the class.
  • If you need to use the bathroom during class please tell your coach. Only 1 person at a time in the bathroom. Please let Ele or Amanda at reception know that you are going so they can make sure no one else goes into the bathroom.

Leaving the Gym

1)    When the class is ready to cool down and stretch the coach will ask their group to go to their designated cubby hole area to grab their gear bags.

2) Warm tops and shoes will be put at the end of class and the kids will be taken to the end of the mat by the roller door where they will wait for parents on the blue marks on the floor.

3)  The roller door will be opened so that parents can collect their children.


Welcome back to Gym Kids - Freemans Bay

Please see the main guidelines above plus the few specific ones for this location below.

1) Please make sure you have registered with us via our online booking system. Please don't just arrive at class without confirm your attendance. Our Contact tracing requirements for children is from our online register.

2) When parents and caregivers come to the hall please follow register your visit via the QR code displayed at the door and GOVT contact tracing APP

3) If you don’t need to stay please help us to maintain the group size and social distancing rules by not waiting for your child during class. We do however understand that this might not always be practical. If you need to stay please sit in the chairs provided, practise social distancing and please don’t bring siblings to the class.

4) When children arrive please put their gear on the stage in the designated area for their group.

5) We have hand sanitizer and a regular cleaning process so that we meet our hygiene requirements.

6) When leaving the gym can parents please collect children from the side doors of the gym (next to the kitchen) so that we don’t cross over with the next group arriving through the main doors.



We hope you have fun at Gym Zone and Gym Kids and we look forward to seeing you again.

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